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Junk Store Guide

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I will be listing the items which can be traded towards the junk store at home for B credits. 

Item is X amount of B worth

Item name / names -> Where to get the items

Pernix (cowl, body, legs) -> Artillery
Virtus (mask, robe top, robe bottom) -> Aquanites
Laser swords (all colors) -> Zirconis

Duo Laser swords (all colors) -> Zirconis
Beginner dragon gear -> Zirconis
Kryptic staff -> Aquanites
Duel beretta, ak-47 -> Artillery

Light Darklord gear -> Upgrade from Beginner dragon gear

Drygore Wings
Dark Predator gear -> Upgraded from Predator Gear
T1 pets (Zilyana, Kril, Kree, corporal, graardor, light creature) -> Pet boxes

T2 pets (Luigi, Sonic, Mr Krabs, Homer, Pikachu) -> Pet boxes

1.000B / 1t
Deadly dragonslayer Gear + Blade -> Weissologia (monster teleport)

1.500B / 1.5t
Shadow dragonslayer gear -> Upgraded from Deadly dragonslayer gear

2.000B / 2t
Nature gear + sword -> Allan (monster teleport)
Depature gear -> Big Black Beast (monster teleport)

3.000B / 3t
Forest gear + sword -> Upgrade from Nature gear ^

4.000B / 4t
Gold predator gear -> Upgrade from Dark Predator gear
oblivion gear -> Aurelia (monster teleport)

8.000B / 8t
Trio gear -> Livyathan
Staff of water,, water bow -> Livyathan
water blade -> Bandos avatar

12.000B / 12t
Dark depature gear -> Belerion (monster teleport)

20.000B / 20t
Infernal gear -> Infernal groudon
Lava Bow, staff of infernal,
Ak-47 assimov -> Upgraded from Scoped Rifle

30.000B / 20t
Baphomet gear + drygore offhand -> Baphomet

35.000B / 35t
Blood depature gear -> Abbadon Boss

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