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October 27th - Updates

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October 27th - Game Updates


1. Mounts:
- We are releasing the beginning of mounts this weekend. This week we are releasing 2 mounts: Blood Wolf, and Emperor's Dragon.
- First get a Blood Wolf Pet, then equip the Full Shaman Set in order to tame your pet, and gain the ability of "Mount". (All obtainable at Minigames Teleport)
- Emperor's Dragon and Emperor's Dragonslayer Set are obtainable as a Pack in the Donator Store. Comes with a free Max Stat weapon, Emperor's Dragonslayer Sword
1 Happy Halloween! (30 Days):
- Halloween Event: type (::halloween) to teleport to the event. Collect all three keys to open the Halloween Chest. Rares Include: Pumpkin, Black Halloween Mask, Halloween Box.
- Halloween Box: Available for $1 in Donator Store, same as a Glaive Box, gives $1 scroll always. Rares include: Wyrm Set Halloween Edition. Best DR armor in game, +10 DR/+25DDR per piece.
- Pumpkin Cape, obtainable through the Halloween Box, allows you to teleport to the Halloween Event even after the event ends.
- Referral System
- Mandatory Bank Pin for players over 3 Days (Don’t need to set it if you already have ::2fa)


- Hades Boots Graphic Update
- Reduced Instance Timers from 30 Seconds to 15 seconds (However, you have to leave the instance before teleporting back in, this is to prevent multiple titans spawning into one instance)
- Lowered the Cost of Goku Armor to 7500 per piece
-  Removed the damage cap for Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry (i), and Ice Dragon Hammers
- Added Drop Announcements for Saiyan Armor and Super Saiyan
- Announcement System
2. Bug fixes:
- Untradeable Dragon Balls Bug
- Multiple Titans in One Instance
- Mail Alert is now more prominent (Staff should make more use of the mailbox system)
- Fixed Madara Fan Bug Abuse for Dungeoneering
- Fixed Goku Armor Multiplier (2.5x for all styles)
- Fixed Madara’s Blood Fans (DR is now back to +15)
- Fixed Sakura and Naruto Daily Task Preview
- Fixed Bloodlust and Madara Daily Task Numbers

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