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October 2nd - Updates

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October 2nd - Game Updates


1. Sasuke Titan:
- Armor Set + 25% Damage Bonus, Same DR as Gundam (i)
- Electric Katana (Special Attack does 1 Million Damage, consumes 50% of Spec Bar)
- Electric Katana (i) (Special Attack does 1 Million Damage, consumes 1% of Spec Bar) (1/50 Upgrade Chance)
- Sharingan Aura gives +10DR +10DDR, +10% Damage
- Sharingan will also be a drop at Madara at the same drop rate of 1/10k

2. Sakura Titan:
- Drops Sakura Pet, best Tri-Brid Pet (+35% Damage in all styles)
- Can be upgraded with Sponsor Pet to: Sponsor Sakura Pet (+35% Damage, +35 DR/DDR) (1/8 chance)

3. Naruto Titan Points Zone:
- Points used to purchase Naruto Training Outfit
- Points used to purchase different Justu's, Special Attacks that can be activated when your Rage Bar is Full (More in the next release)

4. Mini-Goku Points Zone:
- Points used to buy Untradeable Dragon Balls
- Points used to buy Goku Training Set (Equip the whole set for an Elite-Void Damage Boost with +9DR +9DDR)

5. Hades Boots (Combine all three Cerb Boots with Gundam (i) boots for best in slot) 1.25x Damage in all Styles and +10DR/+20DDR as opposed to Gundam (i)'s +6/+16DDR 5k Stats all around

6. MailBox System

7. $1 Scroll Cosmetic Store (October Set: Superman)

8. We'll be releasing the Sharingan Upgrade Scroll as well for our top players in the Donator Store. The Scroll allows you to combine the stats of:
- Sharingan (+10DR/DDR 10% Damage)
- Lucky Aura Lvl 5 (+40DR/DDR)
- Attack Aura Lvl 5 (+25% Damage)
= Amaterasu Sharingan (+50DR/DDR + 35% Damage)


1. Bronco's Glaive
2. Gundam (i) Fixed
3. Super Saiyan Mode is now 10 Minutes long, 4 minutes cool down. Tradeable. 1400 HP while active
4. WildyWyrm Well Fixed for Multiple Players using it at Once
5. Added upgraded models for ACB (i) and Dragonrage Bow (i)

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