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September 26th - Updates

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September 26th - Game Updates


- ::pos will automatically pull up the POS for Extreme Donators+
- Bils Box and Quads Box.
- Godwar Items will now have stats that are above the T4 Bosses, until PKing is officially released.
- Madara's Blood Fan (No longer AOE, but heals instead, 2x Damage, 4 Hit Splats instead of 3, +15 DR/DDR same as Glaive) 1 in 5 upgrade chance (Zamorak's Staff of the Dead is an upgrade requirement).
- Dragonrage Bow (i), 1 in 10 Upgrade Chance: (7k -> 8k Range Bonus) (+3DR -> +5DR)
- Arcane Crystal Bow (i), Combine 2 ACB's with 10 Dragon Rage Bow (i): 1 hitsplat -> 2 hitsplats
- Cerberus; Best in slot boots stats, No DR. Gives 1.2x Damage for each style.


- Wildywyrm bug fixed.
- Primordial Boots (I) and Saradomin's Godsword (I) fixed.
- Wildy Wyrm Set has +10DR +25DDR per piece (0 Stats).
- Magic Damage Multiplying Armor:
1. Regular Void = 1.5x
2. Trio = 1.6x
3. Elite Void / Nulgath = 2.5x (Elite void requires three different pieces equipped for multiplier to apply)
4. Saradomin's Battlemage Robes = 2.8x
5. Mystic Virtus = 2.9x
- Arcane Corporeal Beast should be respawning again.
- Scrolls of Efficiencies should only announce once.
- Daily Tasks should be fixed.
- Zulrah Clouds should be fixed (requires latest client).

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