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September 6th - Updates

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September 6th - Game Updates


- ::turnonheal 
& ::turonoffheal for Tifa pet.
- Nilla's custom weapon; Nilla's Dreams.
- Bunch of Staff commands.
- Quads Box (33% chance of getting 2Q+, top prize is 100Q).
- ::turnoffclues & ::turnonclues for Sponsor Ring & Lucky ROW (I).
- Extreme: 1.6x Damage when Rage Bar is Full.
- Sponsor: 1.8x Damage when Rage Bar is Full.
- Executive: 2.0x Damage when Rage Bar is Full.
- New Market Area at ::market, so people can afk there and chill to help with home lag.


- POS is now ranked by price.
- Things for security issues.
- Fixed the Arcane Crystal Spirit Shield (Best Mage Offhand at 1.5x Magic Damage, dropped by Corporeal Beast)
- Updated Final Fantasy and Marvel Raids Rewards
- Made Exec Cape 15 DR and 15 DDR.
- Sponsor Ring and LRow(i) now picks up caskets.
- Added Pegasian Boots (i), Primordial Boots (i), Eternal Boots (i).
- Fixed the text “gudies” to “guides”.
- Removed donator scrolls and donator boxes from Donator Box Loot Table.
- Boosted the stats of Icy Crossbow from 16k to 100k. It does less damage than Buster Sword per hit, but is one-handed, and has faster speed.
- Fixed Bandos Armor turning into Spears when Banked.
- Raised the chance of getting a drop at Godwars (Now twice as simple to get a drop).

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