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Price guide

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»» Low Tier

Beginner DragonN/A

Light DarklordN/A

Dark PredatorN/A


»» Mid Tier

Deadly DragonslayerN/A

Shadow DragonslayerN/A



Gold Predator — 3T each


»» High Tier

Trio — 5T ea

Baphomet — 50T each

Infernal — 50T each

Shadow Lord — 300-400T each

Bloodlust Shadowlord — 1Q each

Dank Armor — 700-900T+ each

Light Lord — 100T each




Range Armour (This does not include amulets, offhands, etc.)

»» Low Tier



»» Mid Tier

Depature — 5T each

Dark Depature — 20-30T each


»» High Tier

Blood Depature — 50T each

Animal — 10Q+ each

KBD Armor — 700-900T+ each

Dragonrage — 150-200T+ each




Mage Armour (This does not include amulets, offhands, etc.)

»» Low Tier



»» Mid Tier

Oblivion — 5T each


»» High Tier

Trio — 10T each

Nulgath armor — 700-900T+ each

Mystic Virtus — 5-7Q+ each




Melee Weapons

»» Low Tier

Any Laser SwordN/A

Any Duo Laser SwordN/A

Infernal Spear — 500T each


»» Mid Tier

Dark Predator Scythe — 5T each

Gold Predator Scythe — 10T each

Dragon Slayer Blade — 15T each

Shadow Slayer Blade — 20T each

Nature SwordN/A

Forest SwordN/A


»» High Tier

Water Blade — 5T each

Darklord Blade — 250T each

Razor Whip — 600T each

Nex Sword — 400T each

Devil May Cry — 700T each

Devil May Cry(i) — 7-9Q+ each

Infernal Sword — 7-9Q+ each

Chiller Sword — 7-9Q+ each

Ice Dragon Hammer / Offhand — 20-25Q+ each




Range Weapons

»» Low Tier

Duel BerettaN/A


Scoped AK — 5T each

AK-47 Asiimov — 25T each


»» Mid Tier

Lava Bow — 5T each

Water Bow — 5T each

Blood Duel Beretta — 50T each

Blood Sniper — 150T each


»» High Tier

Dark Lord's Bow — 150T each

Light Lord's Bow — 150T each

Dragonrage/Ragefire Bow — 250-300T+ each

Infernal M16 MH – 500-700T each

Infernal Offhand M16 — 2Q+ each

Infernal Minigun — 5-7Q+ each

Zulrah Minigun — 5-7Q+ each

Zulrah Minigun(Red) — 10Q+ each

Zulrah Minigun(Blue) — 10Q+ each

Arcane Crystal Bow — 40-50Q+ each




Mage Weapons

»» Low Tier

Kryptic StaffN/A

Omni-Talisman StaffN/A

Oblivion Scythe — 5T each


»» Mid Tier

Staff of Water — 5T each

Staff of Infernal — 10T each


»» High Tier

Lava Scythe — 70T each

Talis Sword — 400-600T+ each

Madara's Fan — 2Q each

Madara's Fan — 7Q+ each





Baphomet Drygore Offhand — 100T each

Tome of Frost — 300T each

Magma Protector — 200T each

Shadowlord Protector — 600T each

Blood Spirit Shield — 2Q+ each

Arcane Crystal Spirit ShieldNo set price






Predator Necklace — 1T each

Nature NecklaceN/A

Trio Necklace — 5T each

Infernal Necklace  — 50T each

Collectors Amulet — 3-4Q+ each

Collectors Amulet — 18Q+ each


Ring of Wealth — 1T each

Ring of Wealth [1] — 15T each

Ring of Wealth [2] — 50T each

Ring of Wealth [3] — 200T each

Lucky Ring of Wealth — 800t-1Q each

Lucky Ring of Wealth — 10Q+





»» Other Items

Scroll of Efficiency — 10-15T each

Vote Scroll — 30-50T each

$1 Scroll — 100-125T each

Monster Fragments — 50B each

Boss Fragments — 5T each

Mythical Shards — 3T each

Arcane Crystal Shards100T each

Crystal Keys — 5-10T each

Clue Scrolls — 1-2T each

Charming Imp — 100T each

Bonecrusher — 100T each

Dragon Ball — 100T each


»» Other Equipment

Drygore Wings — 500B each

Dragonrage Wings — 1T each

Gundam Set — 1.5-2Q each piece

Gundam Set — 7Q each piece


Elite VoidUntradeable

Seers/Berserker/Archers Boots — 500-700T each

Seers/Berserker/Archers Boxing Gloves — 500-700T each

Dragonbone Cape — 1.5-2Q each piece

Dragonbone Scimitar — 1.5-2Q each piece

Dragonbone Shield — 1.5-2Q each piece





Donator Ranks

DonatorFree with ::email

Super Donator — 150-200T each

Extreme Donator — 3-4Q each




Slayer Items/Helms

Slayer Key — 1T each

Slayer Casket — 1T each

Slayer Helm [1] — 50T each

Slayer Helm [2] — 100T each

Slayer Helm [3] — 500T each

Slayer Helm [4] — 1Q each

Slayer Helm [5] — 4Q each





»» Tier 1

Commander ZilyanaN/A

Kril TsutsarothN/A


Corporeal BeastN/A

General GraardorN/A

Pet Light CreatureN/A



»» Tier 2


Mr. Krabs N/A






»» Tier 3

Skotizo — 150-200T+ each

Yoda — 150-200T+ each

Cerberus — 150-200+ each



»» Tier 4

Donkey Kong — 2Q each

Nutella — 5-6Q+ each

Centaur — 15Q+ each



»» Tier 5

TifaNo price set




Boxes & Souls

»» Boxes

Donator Box — 150T each

Pet Mystery Box — 1T each


»» Souls

Bandos Avatar Soul — 20T each

Infernal Groudon Soul — 25T each

Abbadon Soul — 30T each

Baphomet Soul — 30T each





Tier 1 Aura — 500t each

Tier 2 Aura — 1Q each

Tier 3 Aura — 3Q each

Tier 4 Aura — 8Q each

Tier 5 Aura — 25-30Q+ each




Donation Exchange Rate(edited)

[$5 - 1Q]

[$10 - 2Q]

[$20 - 4Q]

[$50 - 10Q]


Will add more as I think of it.

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