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Flower Poker Guide

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Step 1

The first thing you would need to do is to find a trusted host who offers to play flower poker, this would ensure your safety of the item(s)/money you are betting. A great way for you to find a trusted host is by joining the staff team's official gambling clan called "Dice" - you can join this clan and ask any ranked member to host this game for you. There are other clan chats that you can join and other people you can gamble with, however "Dice" clan is recommended due to its legitimacy with the ranks there (Chosen by staff).


Step 2

Before you agree to everything and rushing to make a bet, make sure that both the player and you are in the same clan chat. As well as making sure that the both of you have agreed to the game you are wishing to play.


Step 3

When everything is confirmed and accepted (items to host), the game will then begin. You both will then have to plant a total of 5 Mithril Seeds and aim to beat one another with a better hand (displayed below). The winner of the hand will win the game, providing no one planted a black or white flower. If either one of you plant a White or Black flower, the hand is discarded and you both replant (5 extra seeds) - this cycle will continue until both players plant 5 normal seeds (anything that isn't white/black).

flower poker hands.jpg

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