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Broneigh's Guide To Bethlehem

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1. Choosing The Right Mode For Your Playstyle 

Normal - Enjoy the game with no restrictions. 

Ironman - 20% Drop Rate Increase. Restricted interactions with other players, no trading,gambling,or looting monsters you didn't kill. Also has some limitations on shops.

Hardcore Ironman - 25% Drop rate increase, has all of the restrictions of ironman and also can not use any banks. 

2.The Absolute Basics.

Your starting inventory


The breakdown

Pet Mystery Box
483fb98fa25ea347e11327e5057f5a93.png  Contains a random Teir 1 Teir 2 or Teir 3 Pet. We will cover pets a little later.

Bethlehem Box

a6b4afdcbced1fa050c8edc136997806.png Requires 15 combat to open

Plebite Armor


Your Basic Starting Gear, you wont use this very long but we all have to start somewhere.

Getting Around


All the way to the left in your player HUD you will see the spellbook tab. this contains all the necessary teleports to navigate the server

e6ea14d09283ccc322d44441b54c49e7.png This is the Home Teleport, you can use this to teleport to the Home Hub.

af95ae67f445df2c11b87c2af0495043.pngThis is the Titan Teleport, this teleport is used to fight the most rewarding bosses in the game. Highly suggest a team here.

a4c9050bc43169b57bf17da78a60d127.pngThis is the Training Teleport, this is teleport is used to get Low-Mid Teir Gear.

8c6528fc7e6fc5b10f640958f7e272d9.pngThis is the Donater Teleport, you can use this teleport to take advantage of donater only content.

a7f074af15d18027355cbbcd77dbcc23.pngThis is the Boss Teleport, this teleport us used to upgrade passed Mid Teir to High Teir Gear.

fbea427fa3085117fb7749ab42de89d0.pngThis is the Minigame Teleport, this teleport is used to complete minigames and raids. This is how you get your End Game Gear.

ac7585fab0e234ed9d969226720b129c.pngThis is the Wilderness Teleport, this teleport is used for player versus player content. All of the teleports are DANGEROUS, you can lose anything in your inventory or on your person here. Proceed with extreme caution.


Home Hub





Slayer Master Titan

bd06a912a908b17e70b65a1772e7b02e.pngThis feature can only be used by executive donaters, you can use this to get titan slayer tasks.


Slayer Master Boss

07d460432e5e026c00d95abe23efd988.pngThis npc can be used at 99 slayer to get boss slayer tasks.


Slayer Progression NPC's

1aea78744dc6d92fe6747ec4e4416308.pngThese are the basic slayer masters and are used to train slayer.




Bethlehem Shop

4f6eb79e40506c65945776777007a719.pngThis npc is used to trade Bethlehem Warrior Kills for assorted boxes (kind of dated content right now)


In Game Donater Shop

12cfc296170048bb1d823fdd9b232e98.pngThis npc can be used to buy some ingame items using claimed $1 donation scrolls.


King Lathas

c14adfffa82a815239dac71b63b45d6e.pngThis npc is used to buy vote rewards and loyalty titles


Town Crier

b164d1a68b234ae21944845abda953f7.pngThis Npc can be used to update account settings.


Makeover Mage

aa6c408c3936f056c8d6e8d00cd5d115.pngThis npc is used to change your characters appearance.



fbbc74cce8a005fa238867e0fc81c2fb.pngThis npc is used to buy completions cape and max cape. (these are some of the best capes in the game)


Trivia Point Shop

a6239e011174aed70a09b7e5ae0c46c9.pngThis npc is used to obtain rewards for successfully answers trivia questions.


Boss Point Shop

b1cbcecb7cd471e82a28e1226b00c339.pngThis npc is used to trade boss kills for rewards.


Loyal Point Store

a33de87689b8a7063bc6530992deee8f.pngThis npc is used to claim rewards for loyalty points, these are passive points you get for just being online.


Instance Manager

688c405ae7b95fe04dffa71b0dec3ce6.pngThis npc is used to buy personal monster instances. These allow you to not have to compete with other players for monsters.


Prayer Altar

f6f87e8d684275322203e49b788bbd97.pngThis altar is used to restore prayer points, you can also use any bones you collect on it for bonus experience.


Chaos Altar

3c5c06a0566eb30fd91f9b7575cb3472.pngThis altar is used to switch from modern prayers to ancient curses.


Magic Altars

04da6a9689bc4bb3b27bfd44fec8f207.pngThese altars are used to switch between the 3 magic types (currently no use for these)



701fa6781dec5f606f5f412d07822ea5.pngThis is used to check the status of any contests currently being held.


Highscores Portal

2e0fb7ca6860f383c8bc2a610e7ab775.pngThis is used to compete in the highscores tournament.



923814aeea15c63c12fb48a4c0cd517c.pngThis npc is used for the prestige system, and the prestige shop.


Consumable Shop

8bb39e626b6dcdd70ae8833a7579c934.pngThis npc is used to restore all of your health, prayer and status ailments, she also sells basic food and potions.


Upgrade Machine

cd772972c2940fa7f6a41905b928593c.pngThis machine is used to upgrade equipment


Burning Chest

4b7c701ab6e4c97b7bfd6a561e596f09.pngThis chest is used to claim rewards from boss keys.


Player Owned Shop Manager

a001ee4ba2cb251d4faafd0097156007.pngThis npc is used to manage and look at player owned shops. 


Crystal Chest

6eb606b5c990d81f1aee801b9a0d35f3.pngThis chest is used to claim rewards from crystal keys.

To Be Finished Later

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