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Server Rules.

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(Trading Sponsor + Scroll is forbidden under any circumstances!!!!

Rule 1. Offensive Language,/Disrespect
Players are not allowed to use language that may be considered offensive such as spamming, harassment, using pornography, racism,  in yell, chat, clan chat and pm and players doing so will be punished. offensive will not be tolerated. Players are not allowed to disrespect staff in any way .

No cursing and foul language of any kind in help cc or public chat. If a staff tells you to stop using a certain kind of language, you must stop. Or will be given a 24 hour mute.

[ Talking negative about the server or it’s community on purpose is not liked on Bethlehem. If seen multiple times you will be muted. ]

Rule 2. Multi Logging
Players ARE allowed to have up to 2 accounts online for the same IP/Mac/UID at any given time.  Along with that, your accounts ARE NOT allowed to PVM at the               SAME AREAS You Can Kill  different bosses/raids/mini-games BUT you CANNOT have both Accounts at the AFK tree at the same time.
Rule 3. Scams/gambling
Gambling is allowed but for your safety its highly recommended to ask our staff to be a middle man for you , if you have not asked for mm and got scammed without solid proof the case will be ignored 

Rule 4. Real World Trading and Account Sharing
Player are not allowed to sell accounts or items for PayPal, cash, or any means of real-life payment/and or other virtual games. sell, or share their accounts in any form or way. Giving away your account such as sharing the password, selling your account or sharing your account with someone is strictly forbidden.
If seen your account will be immediately

Rule 5. Advertising
Players are not allowed to share info about other RSPS in any way.

Rule 6. Staff Positions
Players are not allowed to ask to be staff, there is way to that and its by submit a staff application

Rule 7. Privacy Rights
Players are not allowed to share any personal information of another players at all in any way and form without their explicit permission.

Rule 8. Asking for stuff
Players are not allowed to beg/ask for free items,loans,events from players/staff alike.  

Rule 9. AFKing bosses
Players are not allowed to be AFKing while PVMing.

Rule 10. Help CC
The help cc is for players to receive answers on questions on in game Do not buy/sell/trade

Rule 11. Giveaways

No Giveaways and Lending beyond 500T without permission from Mod+, this is to prevent Real-world-trading and flooding the eco. If we see any trade logs that are suspicious, the result is a week ban to permanent ban depending on the amount. No second chances. 

Rule 12. Minge

Trying to piss off staff or trying to get them to abuse their power by trying workaround current rules is not allowed and can get you muted.


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