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[Official] Starter Guide

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Lets get you started!
When you first join Bethlehem317 with your own account, you are being shown an interface where you can choose your game mode.
Each game mode has it's rules.
Normal - Regular account, no restrictions.
Ironman - Can't trade, stake, gamble, loot items from other players, and restricted to some shops, +20% droprate.
Hardcore Ironman - Can't use banks, +25% droprate.
Each day of the week provides a different bonus! (Server Time)
Monday - 2x Vote Points
Tuesday - 2x Slayer Points
Wednesday - 
Thursday - 2x Pest Control Points
Friday - 2x XP and Lottery
Saturday - 2x XP and +10DR/DDR
Sunday - 2x XP and +10DR/DDR
Lets Work on the actual account now.
You will notice that you've got a beginner's starter pack for free! Great, it looks something like this.
But, you will need level 15 combat to open the Bethlehem Box. So lets get that going! Head on over to Zirconis, get there by doing ::train. After reaching level 15 combat, open the box. The box has the following items inside: Ice Katana, Pet Box, 50 Monster Fragments, Ring of Wealth, Legendary Mystery Box.
And for that Legendary Mystery Box you will need level 75 combat to open it. So lets keep leveling at Zirconis, again to ::train. After reaching level 75 combat, open the box. This box has less items but still decent: Light Lord's Maul and 3 Ultra Legendary Mystery Boxes. And this is what it looks like:
You might as well open those Ultra Legendary Boxes too, but you will need the regular Donator rank to open it. It can give some decent stuff such as Forest & Nature. 
After you have got a Beginner Dragon set and a decent amount of bones which you can use on the altar at east of ::home. We're going to go to the Artillery zone, this is a starter zone to get ranged gear! To go here click on the teleports teleport or the earth next to the mini-map. Then click Monsters and then Artillery.
Artillery drops a lot of different items such as Artillery Boxes, Pernix Set & Mystery Boxes.
Artillery Box can give you various of ranged weapons such as Duel Beretta, AK-47, Scoped AK, AK-47 Asiimov. You will want to stay here until Scoped AK with Pernix Set atleast.
After Artillery you're basically set-up for the monsters. You can go to Big Black next to get yourself a Depature set. You can examine the monster or boss to see its drop table. And after Big Black you can go to Belerion and get Dark Depature or upgrade your spare Depature pieces at ::home, the upgrade machine. You will need monster fragments though, these are randomly dropped by monsters or bosses.
Once you have your range setup worked out, head to Aquanites via Training Teleports.
Pickup the Kryptic Staff, Arcane Spirit Shield and Virtus equipment. Train to 99.
For the next goal, you'll need an Area of Effect (AoE) magic staff.
Omni-Talisman Staff, Talis Sword, Madara Fan/Fan(i)
You can obtain an Omni-Talisman Staff from the Runecrafting skill teleport with 500 energy fragments.
To get energy fragments you'll need 34 Runecrafting.
40 Runecrafting is only a few inventories worth of air runes.
Buy an air and earth talisman from the Wizard and then click on the mining skill. Click Mining Guild and buy a pickaxe.
Next head to the Essence Mine, bank about 300 essence and click the air talisman to teleport to the altar.
Make air runes to level 9, then earth runes to 34.
Don't forget about ::bank and Ctrl+ B if you have claimed your donator scroll!
Once completed you are good to collect energy fragments.
Now that you have an AoE weapon, click Minigame teleport - Shades AoE.
Kill the shades and Nazarstools to collect 200 hilt and edge shards.
If you decide not to collect 200 of each, you can sell them on the player owned store at ::home.
Once you become an extreme donator, you can use ::pos to open the store
The next best thing comes from Pest Control, Void and Elite Void!
To get started type ::pc or select Pest Control from the minigame menu.
Enter the boat with at least 1 other player to start the game.
Destroy all 4 portals to complete the round.
Regular Void gives a 1.5x damage buff and requires 4 pieces.
Elite Void provides a 2.5x damage buff and requires 3 pieces.
Both sets require a helmet in the style you wish to use.
On Thursdays (Server Time) Pest Control gives 2x points!
Each increase in Donator rank provides a commendation boost as well!
Make sure to check your commendations in the quest tab.
Obtaining Regular Void:
Helms = 750 Commendations each
Top/Legs = 1000 Commendations each
Gloves = 500 Commendations each
Obtaining Elite Void:
Upgrade machine at ::home or ::upgrade
Each upgrade attempt requires 1 regular void piece and 1 scroll of efficiency.
The success rate is 1/3, if you fail, you LOSE your Void piece!
Efficiency scrolls, monster fragments, and clue scrolls are dropped by all monsters.
Welcome and good luck!
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