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  1. March 6th/14th - Game Updates • Icy Vorago Release: • Drops Ice Dragon Hammers and Icy Salve Amulet. • 1 Spawn in Divine Rank Zone. (Divine Rank released in the week of 16-22 March) • Non-Divine rank can challenge it once by sacrificing 10 Stone of Anima. • Icy Maul of Omens: • Upgraded from Maul of Omens (1/10). • Becomes 2-Handed but has 999k stats. • Will have +65% DR/DDR while charged. • Will consume 1 charge every 4 hits, instead of Every Hit. • You can turn on Frenzy Mode, to hit 4 times per turn, but it will consume charges at 4 times the rate. • If you have already charged your Maul of Omens, your charges will automatically transfer over • Icy Salve Amulet: • +35% DR/DDR against "Undead" ex: Madara, Shades, Cerberus, Nulgath, Vladimir and Game of Thrones Undead. • Icy Vorago Pet: • Upgraded from Vorago Pet and Ice Dragon Hammer. (1/10) • +30% DMG Boost. • +40% DR/DDR. • Freezes enemies every 6 ticks. • Spawns 1 Stone of Anima every 30 minutes. • St. Patrick's Day Release: • St. Patrick's Day Box is now the store for $1: https://www.bethlehem317.com/store/ • Leprechaun Pet: • +40% DR/DDR on Weekdays • +80% DR/DDR on Weekends • Golden 4-Leaf Clover: • Each clover in your inventory gives you +1% DR/DDR. • St. Patrick's Day PVM event: • Kill the leprechaun for a St. Patrick's Box. (1/5) • Minecraft Changes: • Diamond Pickaxe: • Obtained from Clues. (1/10k) • Minecraft Helmet: • Obtained from Crystal Keys. (1/30k) • +50% DR/DDR at Vorago/Icy Vorago • Other Changes: • Bloodlust Scimitar boost: When fully charged, it will give +50% DR/DDR. • Furious Flasks now give 127 to Range and 127 to Magic as well, instead of 124 and 106. • Emperor’s Dragon Slayer Sword now gives +15% DR/DDR. • Passive Blood Madara's Fan Special that hits for up to 100k. (10% chance to occur) • Godwars now waives all KC requirements for Super Donators+, and the dialogue for "losing items on death" is removed.
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  3. March 3rd - Game Updates • Vorago Release: • Maul of Omens (0 Stats, but can be charged up to 1000 using Stone of Anima). Maul of Omens will be Single Hit since it consumes 1 charge per hit, but will have 600k Stats and 65% DR / 65% DDR. • Drops Vorago Pet, which spawns 1 Stone of Anima every hour while summoned. • Minecraft Release: • Diamond Pickaxe (allows you to mine Stone of Anima AFK at 1 per 50 minutes), only obtainable in Donation Store, 2K20 Shop, 1/10k Clue Scrolls. • Minecraft Helmet (speeds up the mining rate of Stone of Anima to 1 per 25 minutes), only obtainable in Donation Store, 2K20 shops, and 1/10k Crystal Chest. Grants +50 DR when used against Vorago. • Stone of Anima will be accepted at Junk Store in next weeks Patch once the price stabilizes. • 2K20 Changes: • 2K20 free event will end this Update as stated before, it is only for the month of February. However, it can be activated whenever we hit 20 new unique votes. • Will also be activated by admins during Special Events. • Pinata kills will take 5 minutes to kill instead of 30, and will drop 2K20 boxes instead of 1Q. Emperor Dragon Mount damage will also be reduced. • Pleb Sword, Candy Cane, DMC girl models fixed. • Skiadrum Task not counting fixed. • Titan Slayer Master attackable fixed. • Certain things crashing the client is now fixed. • Added Announcements for Zulrah Pets, Boxing Gloves, Blood Wolf. • "Immortal Cape" is now untradeable. • A bunch of others bugs that have been reported, have been fixed. • Bloodlust Blade Boost: when fully charged, will give 200k strength.
  4. January 30th - Game Updates Added: 1. BloodLust Blade: - Bloodlust Blade added to Bloodlust Shadowlord (same Droprate as Madara’s fan) you can sacrifice any bloodlust pieces to increase your Bloodlust percentage. Each percentage will increase Bloodlust Blade and all future Bloodlust items damage output. - Each bloodlust level increases BloodLust Blade's stats by 1 fold. (::bloodlust to check) - Every 5 bloodlust levels will increase Droprate and Double Droprate by +1. - When Maxed: Strength = 100k and DR/DDR = +20. (New Melee Best in Slot) 
(Ice Dragon or DMC (i) gives 70K str and 15DR/DDR and is double-handed) 2. Combine all 4 Colored Santa Hats with Collectors (i) for Jester Scarf (+25DR/DDR). 3. First Clan: Exodus - (DR/DDR Boost = number of clan members online up capped at 10) - ::clanroom - ::clanmeeting 4. ::bloodlord to teleport to Blood Lust Shadowlord. 5. ::invite (username) if you are in a boss instance. 6. You can now teleport out of Wilderness above level 20 as long as you are unskilled. Changed: 1. 2K20 Droprate will be 1 in 10 instead of 1 in 20. 2. Pinata harder to kill to give more time for people to join in (all player damage will be weakened to 1%). 3. Banking fixed for all those encountering problems. 4. Agility Brawling Gloves Fixed. 5. Hades Boots Multipliers Fixed. 6. Fixed Combat Rage for Magic Damage. 7. Tweaked Magic Damage for Wilderness. 8. Saradomin Staff to Rune Hasta Bug (Refunding all players who have experienced the bug, please message me personally for refunds) 9. Rewrote how female models are equipped for quite a few items, if you have a female character and notice certain items are equipped slightly off, please put in bug reports
  5. Welcome to Exodus. We are not just a clan, we are friends, we are a family. Exodus is a PVM-based clan and we will surely extend to PKing and Gambling as well later on. We are always excited to have players joined in and seeing their achievements pop up. Or to help the player out if they need assistance on through their journey. Currently we only have 4 ranks which are General, Captain, Lieutenant and Recruit. These are equivalent to Leader, Admin, Mod and Member. Ranks are for now only chosen by the Generals. And we may be having more ranks in the future if we get more clan members. We have set strict rules to make sure everyone likes it here. The rules are stated in the #guidelines. Everyone has to follow the guidelines to be a part of Exodus after all, or to stay with us. The current member list of Exodus is the following: General Guru Yammer Captain - Lieutenant Plain Jane Disgametho Divinev2 Recruits Old Nite I7 Galley Astralruler Drop Shot Iron Pureeq Jadders Swifty Bobodod Swifty Veryiana Cheesy625 Nooblet Ocean Water You must meet these requirements to join Exodus. 1 ) You must have the “Exodus” title in-game. 2 ) You must have Extreme Donator rank or higher. 3 ) You must have 150 in-game playtime or more. 4 ) You must agree with the rules. 5 ) You must be active ingame, on both discords and Bethlehem forums. You must follow these rules at all cost, when joining or to stay in Exodus. 1 ) We are a family, we care about eachother. 2 ) We do not disrespect one another. Jokes are a different story. 3 ) We support eachother everywhere. 4 ) We help eachother out if we’re buying items. 5 ) We follow the general Bethlehem rules. 6 ) You have to play 15~ hours a week. 7 ) By agreeing to these rules you allow the Generals or Lieutenant to kick you from the clan whenever you break these rules. 8 ) You must be active ingame, on both discords and Bethlehem forums. How to apply, application format are on our personal clan discord, and repeated info stated here! Click here to join the discord!
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    Hello there matey, Thank you for joining us, we’re happy to have you here. We will keep you here forever! 😛
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    A fellow dutchie I see! Welcome Migraynie! 🙂
  8. In this guide we will talk over all the different gambling games such as Flower Poker, Dice Duel, Blackjack, Hot or Cold and 55x2, these are in order. Note: every game has their own rules and how they work. Read down below per game! Before gambling you must follow these rules that come with the general way of gambling: 1) You agree with the standard Bethlehem rules. 2) You know that if you do not have a Trusted Dicer to host, you can not get a refund. Video and Host is the only legitimate proof. 3) Although you can self-hold, it is highly recommended to use a Trusted Dicer or Staff Member to middle man. 4) The pot must be specified and understood between both gamblers (and Trusted Dicer) before gambling to avoid confusion. 5) The rules must be specified and understood between both gamblers (and Trusted Dicer) before gambling to avoid confusion. 6) The game starts when both players have paid the Trusted Dicer. 7) When you're at the dice zone you can't stay on the road when people are flower pokering. How to: 1) You will need Mithril Seeds () in order to plant seeds, buy from the NPC at ::dz. 2) Find an opponent to Flower Poker against, and find a Middleman. 3) Discuss the bet & pot with your opponent and Middleman. 4) Pay the Middleman your bet and wait for the opponent to pay him/her too. 5) Stand next to each other and plant 5 flowers in a row, order does not matter or who goes first. 6) Compare the 5 flowers of yours and the opponent's. See down below for the Flower Poker "hands". 7) The one with the bigger "hands" wins. Hands: ➣ Bust : you have all planted different flower colours. (Bust) ➣ 1 Pair : you have 2 of the same flower colours. (1P) ➣ 2 Pair : you have 2 sets of 2 of the same flower colours. (2P) ➣ Oak : you have 3 of the same flower colours. (Oak) ➣ Full House : you have 2 of the same flower colours and 3 of the same flower colours. (FH) ➣ 4 Oak : it’s rare but still happens all the time! 4 same color plant out of 5 plants. (4 Oak) ➣ 5 Oak : 5 of the same colour. (5 Oak) ➣ Replant : if one of the plants is a black or white it's a replant, this can either be 1 or 5 replants. This has been decided before the gamble. How to: 1) Find an opponent to Dice Duel against. 2) Discuss bets with your opponent. 3) Right click your opponent and click "Gamble". 4) Put your bets in and click if you want the game to do a best of 1 or best of 3. 5) Accept and let the game do it's thing because it's all automated. You just want to roll higher than your opponent to win a round. How to: 1) Find a Trusted Dicer to host for you, and join "Dice" clan chat. 2) Discuss bets and pay the Trusted Dicer your bet. 3) Once you are both in "Dice" clan chat, and you have paid the Trusted Dicer your bet, he will roll the 0-100 dice. 4) He will repeat the number and say H/S or Hit or Stay etc.. You can choose to hit or stay. 5) If you say hit, he will roll once more and will count up the numbers. 5a) If the number is under 100 the host will say Hit or Stay again, then repeat from 5. 5b) If the number is above 100 you lose. 6) When you say Stay it's the host's turn to roll and get higher than your number but not over 100. 7) Closest to 100 wins! How to: 1) Find a Trusted Dicer to host for you. 2) Discuss bets and pay the Trusted Dicer your bet. 3) You now guess if it's either Hot or Cold. 4) See the "list" below what the planted flower means. List: ➣ Hot : The red, orange and yellow flowers are hot. If you picked hot, you win, otherwise you lose. ➣ Cold : The blue, purple and pastel flowers are cold. If you picked cold, you win, otherwise you lose. ➣ Host Win : When the rainbow flower gets planted, the host wins regardless. ➣ Replant : When the black or white flower gets planted it's a replant, you must choose again between Hot or Cold. How to: 1) Find a Trusted Dicer to host for you, and join "Dice" clan chat. 2) Discuss bets and pay the Trusted Dicer your bet. 3) You let the Trusted Dicer roll the dice and if it's 55 or above you win, 54 and under you lose. Lastly, I have gathered around some tips to not get cleaned or tired of gambling. 1) This may seem as self explanatory, but you should never chuck your entire bank or your PVM setup. Or basically said, the things you can't afford to lose or the items you need. 2) If you win, you should put away a part of what you have won so you can never gamble more than what you have won. So that you're always positive. 3) Do not feel intimidated because of the other opponent trying to clean you. Do not clean yourself, and keep eyes on the future of your account.
  9. January 22nd - Game Updates Added: 2K20 Boxes - Always: Common Shop Ticket - Rare (1/4): Rare Shop Ticket - Ultra Rare (1/10): Ultra Rare Shop Ticket - Legendary (1/35): Legendary Shop Ticket (Items in the store will change as we release new items, so even if you get duplicates, don't worry, hold on to your ticket, and we will be updating the shop every month instead of coming out with new boxes like we did in the past) - Each box can be purchased for $5 on the donator store. - You can get them for free every 30 minutes by participating in our global PVM event. Do the most damage you can, and the Top 3 players get double drop chance. Do a minimum of 1% damage to get a 1 in 20 chance of getting a Box! - ::2K20 for the pinata boss! Christmas Christmas Event will be ending in one week, this will mean that the Christmas Boxes will be removed from the Donator Store. Hold onto your santa hats, as we will be allowing players to use it to upgrade for Jester Scarf (Upgraded Collectors Necklace). Suggestions Additional Suggestions Implemented with this Update are as Follows: Suggestion #20 - CTRL + B to open bank & ESC to close any interface. Suggestion #21 - Make the examine option on max cape be "XP never sleeps, it's only AFK." Suggestion #09 - Sakura and Sasuke Totems (will be available in 2K20 Shop exclusively). Changed: - Ironman Contest/Highscore Portal should automatically restart this Friday! The dates were slightly askew because of the New Year.
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