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  2. October 2nd - Game Updates Added: 1. Sasuke Titan: - Armor Set + 25% Damage Bonus, Same DR as Gundam (i) - Electric Katana (Special Attack does 1 Million Damage, consumes 50% of Spec Bar) - Electric Katana (i) (Special Attack does 1 Million Damage, consumes 1% of Spec Bar) (1/50 Upgrade Chance) - Sharingan Aura gives +10DR +10DDR, +10% Damage - Sharingan will also be a drop at Madara at the same drop rate of 1/10k 2. Sakura Titan: - Drops Sakura Pet, best Tri-Brid Pet (+35% Damage in all styles) - Can be upgraded with Sponsor Pet to: Sponsor Sakura Pet (+35% Damage, +35 DR/DDR) (1/8 chance) 3. Naruto Titan Points Zone: - Points used to purchase Naruto Training Outfit - Points used to purchase different Justu's, Special Attacks that can be activated when your Rage Bar is Full (More in the next release) 4. Mini-Goku Points Zone: - Points used to buy Untradeable Dragon Balls - Points used to buy Goku Training Set (Equip the whole set for an Elite-Void Damage Boost with +9DR +9DDR) 5. Hades Boots (Combine all three Cerb Boots with Gundam (i) boots for best in slot) 1.25x Damage in all Styles and +10DR/+20DDR as opposed to Gundam (i)'s +6/+16DDR 5k Stats all around 6. MailBox System 7. $1 Scroll Cosmetic Store (October Set: Superman) 8. We'll be releasing the Sharingan Upgrade Scroll as well for our top players in the Donator Store. The Scroll allows you to combine the stats of: - Sharingan (+10DR/DDR 10% Damage) - Lucky Aura Lvl 5 (+40DR/DDR) - Attack Aura Lvl 5 (+25% Damage) = Amaterasu Sharingan (+50DR/DDR + 35% Damage) Changed: 1. Bronco's Glaive 2. Gundam (i) Fixed 3. Super Saiyan Mode is now 10 Minutes long, 4 minutes cool down. Tradeable. 1400 HP while active 4. WildyWyrm Well Fixed for Multiple Players using it at Once 5. Added upgraded models for ACB (i) and Dragonrage Bow (i)
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  4. September 26th - Game Updates Added: - ::pos will automatically pull up the POS for Extreme Donators+ - Bils Box and Quads Box. - Godwar Items will now have stats that are above the T4 Bosses, until PKing is officially released. - Madara's Blood Fan (No longer AOE, but heals instead, 2x Damage, 4 Hit Splats instead of 3, +15 DR/DDR same as Glaive) 1 in 5 upgrade chance (Zamorak's Staff of the Dead is an upgrade requirement). - Dragonrage Bow (i), 1 in 10 Upgrade Chance: (7k -> 8k Range Bonus) (+3DR -> +5DR) - Arcane Crystal Bow (i), Combine 2 ACB's with 10 Dragon Rage Bow (i): 1 hitsplat -> 2 hitsplats - Cerberus; Best in slot boots stats, No DR. Gives 1.2x Damage for each style. Changed: - Wildywyrm bug fixed. - Primordial Boots (I) and Saradomin's Godsword (I) fixed. - Wildy Wyrm Set has +10DR +25DDR per piece (0 Stats). - Magic Damage Multiplying Armor: 1. Regular Void = 1.5x 2. Trio = 1.6x 3. Elite Void / Nulgath = 2.5x (Elite void requires three different pieces equipped for multiplier to apply) 4. Saradomin's Battlemage Robes = 2.8x 5. Mystic Virtus = 2.9x - Arcane Corporeal Beast should be respawning again. - Scrolls of Efficiencies should only announce once. - Daily Tasks should be fixed. - Zulrah Clouds should be fixed (requires latest client).
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  6. This isn't the place to be for YouTuber, try out the YouTuber section here: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/forum/26-youtuberdesigner-applications/
  7. September 6th - Game Updates Added: - ::turnonheal 
& ::turonoffheal for Tifa pet. - Nilla's custom weapon; Nilla's Dreams. - Bunch of Staff commands. - Quads Box (33% chance of getting 2Q+, top prize is 100Q). - ::turnoffclues & ::turnonclues for Sponsor Ring & Lucky ROW (I). - Extreme: 1.6x Damage when Rage Bar is Full. - Sponsor: 1.8x Damage when Rage Bar is Full. - Executive: 2.0x Damage when Rage Bar is Full. - New Market Area at ::market, so people can afk there and chill to help with home lag. Changed: - POS is now ranked by price. - Things for security issues. - Fixed the Arcane Crystal Spirit Shield (Best Mage Offhand at 1.5x Magic Damage, dropped by Corporeal Beast) - Updated Final Fantasy and Marvel Raids Rewards - Made Exec Cape 15 DR and 15 DDR. - Sponsor Ring and LRow(i) now picks up caskets. - Added Pegasian Boots (i), Primordial Boots (i), Eternal Boots (i). - Fixed the text “gudies” to “guides”. - Removed donator scrolls and donator boxes from Donator Box Loot Table. - Boosted the stats of Icy Crossbow from 16k to 100k. It does less damage than Buster Sword per hit, but is one-handed, and has faster speed. - Fixed Bandos Armor turning into Spears when Banked. - Raised the chance of getting a drop at Godwars (Now twice as simple to get a drop).
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