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  1. August 19th - Game Updates Added: - Icy Glaive Offhand (15% DR, 15% DDR) - Masamune Offhand (50% DR, 50% DDR) - Sephiroth (I) (25% DR per Piece) - Custom items: Insanedoc: Honjo Masamune, Harakiri Masamune Bobodod: Soul Edge i7: Estonia Glaive - Godwars - Bandos, Zamorak, Armadyl, Saradomin Godsword (I) - Bandos, Armadyl set (I) - Saradomin's Battlemage Robes - Zamorak's Staff of the Dead - Saradomin's Staff of Life - Added sprites for Youtuber Rank - Added T4 bosses and Zulrah to Slayer Master & Daily Tasks - Added cache refreshing when updating (so people don't have to delete manually, which was causing problems) - Texa's Hold 'Em (message Beth for beta testing) - Dragonbone Corporeal Beast - Arcane Crystal Spirit Shield (dropped by Dragonbone corp. : 1.5x magic damage increase) - CTRL + B for quick banking. - Arcane Tokens - Gunballs Changed: - Top Donator Aura squeezing weapons weirdly bug fixed. - Trading bugs fixed - Armadyl Body animation bug fixed - Fixed KBD Warrior Bow - Flowers no longer mess up clipping/pathing - Took out Omni Talisman Staff from Aquanite, made it cost 500 fragments at Semi-AFK - Zulrah not counting properly bug fixed - Damage boost to the following mage armours: Normal Void: 1.5x damage increase Full Trio Set: 1.6x damage increase Normal Void: 1.8x damage increase Full Nulgath: 2.35x damage increase Elite Void: 2.5x damage increase Mystic Virtus: 2.8x damage increase - Void rebalance: Normal Void: 1.5x damage increase Elite Void: 2.5x damage increase - Blood Spirit Shield now gives 1.2x magic damage increase - More bug fixes
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    Granted! Enjoy.
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    Granted! Enjoy.
  4. August 14th - Game Updates Added: - Dank Monster ( T4 boss) & Dank Set (melee) - KBD Warrior (T4 boss) & KBD Set (ranged) - Nulgath (T4 boss) & Nulgath Set (mage) - Glaive Offhand - Zulrah - Zulrah Miniguns (Red is more damage, Blue is more droprate) - Kingdom Hearts Box - Sora set (25% upgrade chance increase, droprate at raids) - Masamune Offhand Changed: - Keyblade rewritten, 10% upgrade chance increase - Bunch of bug fixes
  5. August 2nd - Game Updates Added: - Instance Totems give +20% DR and +20% DDR for their respective boss/titan (bought in boss point shop/donation store)- Jax Lamppost stats and DR (same as Ice Dragon Halberd)- Added Devil May Cry (I) - Godwars (pm Beth to beta test)- 2FA (::setup2fa)- Beta server is now live (staff pm Beth) Changed: - 1 hit splat cap has been removed for OP items- Combat elo only loses 5% instead of 10% when not logging on daily- Glaives & Buster Sword are now 2 hit splats- Masamune is now 4 hit splats- Blackjack, Roulette, Texa’s Hold’em & Slot Machines pretty much working (pm Beth for beta testing)- Zirconis removed from Daily Task- Daily Tasks can now be completed once- Previous teleport is now working- Teleporting bugs fixed (pm Beth for Dragonball refunds)- Artilleries now count properly for Daily Task- Mini Titans no longer multi-hit- ::resetdaily fixed- Aura Chests now show names in announcements- New scoreboard for Ironman contest- Keyblade now gives 10% upgrade chance increase- Removed option to pick up pets via right-clicking
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    Granted! Enjoy your rank!
  7. Granted! Enjoy your rank!
  8. Thanks for this but there already is a flower poker guide.
  9. July 31st - Game Updates Added: - Instance Totems (10% DR increase while holding them and fighting respective boss, can buy in Boss Shop) - Daily Money Making Activities / Daily Tasks - Link Set - Jax's Lamppost from League of Legends - Key blade (gives 10% Boost while upgrading items) Changed: - New teleport interface - Gundam (I) Set looks black and gold now - Titan Instances with DR boost will be available in Donator Shop (+20% of total DR not +20 DR) - Due to balance changes we are now capping all OP gear setup at speed 3 (1 hit per 3 ticks). This includes all future gear with stats over 100k - You are auto instanced when going to titan with an item over 100k stats - ::gundam teleport fixed - The donator icons to match the others
  10. July 28th - Game Updates Added: - Changed: - Offer-X in trade should be fixed again - Spamming DBZ no longer wastes dragonballs - Attack Aura's now work properly (wasn't working for melee) - Opening more than Max stack with open-all on some items no longer changes to zero (fixed for spirit shards and 1q to 1b tickets) - Fixed bug with upgrade machine (no longer waste items if it requires 2 and you only have right amount of one) - Fixed DR for some stuff - Fixed untradeables for some stuff - Patched a few dupes and exploits
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  12. Granted! Enjoy your rank!
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