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  1. Hello and welcome to Xen's Clue Scroll megathread! Below will be casket totals with their best loot as well as a guide on where to dig! All of these caskets I have either obtained pvming or purchased from individuals in the community! This will be an updated thread Enjoy! "Dig near one of the slayer masters" At ::home, next to Sumona. "Dig somewhere near the duel arena tele" At ::Duel 2 steps to the east (right) "Dig near the tele to get chaotics" Click on dungeoneering skill, hug the inside corner of the east railing "Dig near the fourth minigame teleport" Minigame teleport tab - Pest control - south of magic shop building in-between the building and flag "Dig somewhere in the edgeville bank" ::edgeville inside the bank - second dark square from the north-western bank stall "Dig in the area you might see a fisherman" Click on the fishing skill - walk 4 steps to the west (left facing the water) "Dig near the mining guild teleport" Click on the mining skill tab - Teleport: Mining Guild - walk to the east of the anvil and torch on the north wall "Dig where players plant flowers" ::cw Northern wall - middle shelf "Dig near the king of dragons" Bosses teleports - Dragonix - Southern wall below lever Below is all the good loot I have acquired from clue scrolls! = Lava Scythe vid = Nothing good from this set 😢 = Nothing good from these either 😞
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