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  1. Ayy Love to see it! Weclome! I actually live like 20 mins away from you now! haha I play both (mobile legends when i cba to play league) hit me up! 🙂
  2. Hey there Robby, It's great to see that you've joined our community! Hope to see you round! PM me if you need an help with anything at all! Goodluck! 🙂
  3. Divinev2


    Hey! Welcome, Lovely to see you around & Enjoy your stay! :)
  4. Divinev2


    Hey there Adam, I'm glad you are enjoying your stay. Bethlehem's doors will always be open! 🙂 Remember if you need any help with anything, just give me a PM or any other staff member. Enjoy your stay! 🙂
  5. Divinev2


    Ayo, welcome bud :) Honestly you picked the right place ;)
  6. Yeet. https://gyazo.com/2e8c259dd7d87ddeeb41eeea5c27a17f https://gyazo.com/e19aa88e359305d7912b94b1844311c4 I don't know why it wot let me just post it... but you can open 🙂
  7. Divinev2

    Clan Legion

    Clan Application: Clan Name: Legion Clan Owner In-Game Username: Divinev2 Clan Owner Discord Name and tag: @DivineV2 First 4 members (in-game username and discord tag): 1: Sleutel @sleutel/Dennis 2: Ganjadwag @ganjadwag 3: Disgametho @disgametho 4: I7 @I7 We already have more members waiting to join 🙂 In-game Playtime (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/ae8e69cf981c0c0cd8e17874044e474c In-Game Rank: https://gyazo.com/ae8e69cf981c0c0cd8e17874044e474c Clan purpose/theme (PVM, PK, Gamble ...): It will be mainly for group PvM and soontm PKing - In addition to this, the players that will join might want to ask questions about things in the game that they are unsure of, where they can come directly to us for answers. What your clan intends to do to help the server (your mission): We intend to help the newer players advance in the game other than being stuck.. such as do PC runs, do Titan Runs, etc. I believe this will massively boost their confidence and help them advance in the game. Why should we support your clan?: One reason would be this is the ONLY active clan in game as of right now, also our clan is benefiting the community, this way we will expand as a server and therefore as a clan. Do you meet the requirements to create a clan and the 50Q cash?: Yes Do you agree with us disbanding the clan if it breaks the rules or not meeting the requirements?: Yes
  8. I'm requesting this rank: Sponsor Proof (In game photo matching your forums name): https://gyazo.com/57ea9a76db474e8993f7ac7cd3bdb4f6
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