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  1. No more entries allowed so it's locked. Good luck everybody ! 1st: 90 Rtu 2nd: 63 Ao-Jess 3rd: 18 Ottezen (Something additional as it was the exact number 🙂
  2. Hello there everybody !! Time for another forums event 😮 This time it is going to be a Random Number Generator ! Post down below a number from 0 - 100 !!! MAKE SURE another player hasn't chosen the same number !!! Results will be posted Sunday 21:00 Gmt +1 (9 PM server time) Good Luck Rewards? Store Credits 1st = $30 2nd = $20 3rd = $10
  3. I will be listing the items which can be traded towards the junk store at home for B credits. Example; Item is X amount of B worth Item name / names -> Where to get the items 50B Pernix (cowl, body, legs) -> Artillery Virtus (mask, robe top, robe bottom) -> Aquanites Laser swords (all colors) -> Zirconis 100B Duo Laser swords (all colors) -> Zirconis Beginner dragon gear -> Zirconis Kryptic staff -> Aquanites Duel beretta, ak-47 -> Artillery 200B Light Darklord gear -> Upgrade from Beginner dragon gear 400B Drygore Wings Dark Predator gear -> Upgraded from Predator Gear T1 pets (Zilyana, Kril, Kree, corporal, graardor, light creature) -> Pet boxes 800B T2 pets (Luigi, Sonic, Mr Krabs, Homer, Pikachu) -> Pet boxes 1.000B / 1t Deadly dragonslayer Gear + Blade -> Weissologia (monster teleport) 1.500B / 1.5t Shadow dragonslayer gear -> Upgraded from Deadly dragonslayer gear 2.000B / 2t Nature gear + sword -> Allan (monster teleport) Depature gear -> Big Black Beast (monster teleport) 3.000B / 3t Forest gear + sword -> Upgrade from Nature gear ^ 4.000B / 4t Gold predator gear -> Upgrade from Dark Predator gear oblivion gear -> Aurelia (monster teleport) 8.000B / 8t Trio gear -> Livyathan Staff of water,, water bow -> Livyathan water blade -> Bandos avatar 12.000B / 12t Dark depature gear -> Belerion (monster teleport) 20.000B / 20t Infernal gear -> Infernal groudon Lava Bow, staff of infernal, Ak-47 assimov -> Upgraded from Scoped Rifle 30.000B / 20t Baphomet gear + drygore offhand -> Baphomet 35.000B / 35t Blood depature gear -> Abbadon Boss
  4. Hello there ! You might wonder 'Who is this Green Goblin?' Well, let me fill you in with some information. I am currently 21, soon to be 22 🙂 I work in a supermarket, as a cashier atm mostly, which sucks and is nice at the same time... A lot of hard, tough customers aswell as friendly and funny which can make me laugh. How did I get to know Bethlehem? EASY ! -> Monobeast his first video about it. I pretty much instantly started playing it as i'm a fan of Custom rsps'... and now I fell in love ❤️ If you have any other questions, reach out to me 🙂 I'm most active on discord 😄
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