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  2. Hello everyone! From now for every player you invite that plays 7 days and claimed their 7 day rewards will get you both rewarded for doing so. The more referrals you have - the better rewards you will get! How to submit a referral? You can simply get your referral to post a message in this channel with his/her daily rewards all logins and votes ticked. He/She also has to tag you in the channel with your in-game name too. This means the player is your responsibility and if not all of them are ticked you can’t get a referral reward! Simply said, follow this template: IGN: (Your in-game name) Referred by: (Their discord & in-game name) (Screenshot of 7 day Daily Rewards) Requirements Player must be real new player, not an alt of somebody. The player has to play 7 days and vote 7 days. You are responsible for your referral, teach him/her how to get the rewards. Administrators approve referral after checking. Old accounts/players do not count. Lying will get you disqualified for any further rewards. Not following the template/missing information is getting the comment deleted and no referral point given. You can't invade other discords, only servers who allow advertising. What are the rewards? For the player inviting the other players: 1 Referal: 1x Donator Box 2 Referals: 1x Bils Box 3 Referals: $8 In-Store Credit 4 Referals: $12 In-Store Credit 5 Referals: Extreme Donator And for the invited ones: If the inviter has 0-5 referrals, each new referral will receive a Donator Box. If the inviter has 6-20 referrals, each new referral will receive a Bils Box. More rewards to come!
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