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  1. Hey guys, Me, DediUnique, have given the community a brand new theme including it's work with recoloring and making it as perfect as possible. I hope that the new theme and the new look of our forums will make the forum more user-friendly and as I saw there we're some problems with reading or being able to write in comment boxes because of faults in the theme. All those problems are solved and I will be developing further to increase the functions of the new forums. I will add Rich Discord Integration which makes it able to connect to our forums with your Discord account. We store the details secure on a secured server. It only gets your Discord name and Discord email address and generates a encrypted password which is only connected to your account. I also added an shoutbox which is just a lovely feature. I hope I informed you enough, Written by DediUnique Posted by Flux
  2. RWT Abuse: Closed Down GE All Items are Kept on Death in Wilderness Untradeable Items are actually Untradeable now (put in suggestions if you believe something should be tradeable, there was a lot of leftover code from before that I haven't looked through clearly) Pet Pickup Left Click Disabled(Use summoning, dismiss) Fixed Furious Flask Devil May Cry Speed Upgrade Game Breaking Abuse: Fixed 3 different abuses, there might be one more, bear with us
  3. Please congratulate Ryder on being promoted to Administrator Please congratulate KTM and selcius on being promoted to Moderators All three of these players have shown you the community and us as staff members what we want to grow in this community, a players first mentality. Thank you all for your hard work the past couple days with the guides and forums work, congratulations. Yours sincerely, Flux
  4. Fixed Nulled Players Fixed HIghscore Board Crash Fixed POS crash Fixed Pet Dissapearing hopefully Add +30 +30 American Glaive for Bobodod Made Void work for Mage Nerfed Drop Rate for Boots
  5. Glaive Box now gives Donator Box Made Titan Zones Multi Fixed Zirconis and Baphemot Multi Zones Fix Seers Boots equipping to Gloves Made $1 drops a little easier (1/400) Fixed Pet Dissapearing once and for All hopefully
  6. Fixed Discord Link in client Change Glaive Box Name Added Functional Furious potion Made Zirconis, Baphemot, FightCaves Multi Removed Glaive from New and Portal Reworked Nex Mechanics, added Nex Sword Added The Ultimate Weapons: Devil May Cry to Shards Chiller Sword and Infernal Swords are now in Store, Elemental (Chiller sword is single-wield now) Ice Dragon Hammers are in Store Moved AFK Tree Voting Announcement Fixed normal Donators Teleing to Super Took out soul drop rate spamming Made all Titans Global Bosses Made all T2 Bosses 1/400 Drop Rate Made all T1 Bosses 1/100 Drop Rate Added Drops to Baphemot
  7. Quality of Life Updates: - Highscore Portals now show all scores offline/online - You can no longer take a 1-hit item into Portal - ::respawnnpcs (This is for when npcs stop spawning for whatever reason) Notify a staff and he will help you out - Fixed HP Bar completely - Added Cash Shop Overloads for Super Donators at Super Donator Zone - Added Donator Zones to Teleport - Players Disappearing with too many Custom Items - Removed Forest sword to Trio Boots Upgrade - Alerts for Beginning of Game - Added All Announcements - Add Furious Potions to the Slayer Shop Player Suggestions Implemented: - Potions now disappear on last dose - Right Click Message - Glacors now drop $1 scrolls, which can be used to upgrade Donator Scrolls at the Upgrade Machine (If you have already claimed your scroll, pm an admin) - Imbued Collectors Necklace (+20 DR +20DDR, $80) - Extended Voting Scroll Exp to 30 minutes for Normal Players - Extended Voting Scroll Exp to 15 minutes for Ironman - Added actual drops to Groudon, Abbadon New Bosses/Armor: - 3 Gros (3 Boots) - Gundam Boss (+15 DR and +50 DDR) No stats - Dragonrage Bow (+3 DR at Dragonix) - Added +5 DR to Blood Sniper - Added +10 DR to Minguns - Bloodlust Shadowlord - Gives +1 DR per piece - Madara’s Fan Best AOE Weapon (+10 DR + 10DDR - Max Cape (Kiln Cape Stats +5DR +5DDR) - Top Donator Aura (+10DR +10DDR) New Donation Item: - Imbued Collectors Necklace (+20 DR +20DDR) - American Glaive (Will only be 1 in game) - Toxic Glaive (Will only be 1 in game) - Primal Glaive (Will only be 1 in game) - Glaive Box $1 (1/500Chance for Glaive) ($1 Scroll Always Drops) - Ice Dragon Hammers (Best non-1hit weapons, can be used in portal, +15 DR +15DDR)
  8. - Fixed Slayer - Made HP Bar out of /100 for monsters with over 30K HP - Added Upgrades to Multiple Items Low Tier Items - Veteran’s Cape (If you are one of our Veteran Donors, please pm me for cape, slightly better stats than Fight Cave Cape) - Added Rewards to all Warrior Boxes (Legendary Boxes now give Baphemot and Blood Departure Pieces, including a small chance at M16)
  9. - Sponsor Cape (2K stats) - Exclusive Sponsor Boss - Drops Best Ring in Game +15DR +25DDR - Drops Best DR pet in Game +20dr +30ddr - SPONSOR DRBOOST +10DR +10DDR - 3 Vlad Spawns - 3 Dana Spawns - 1 Skotizo Spawn - 3 Dragon Spawns - Infinte Pray - Tele ::sponzorzone Bug Fixes: - NPC Facing - Removed DK Pet drop - Fixed Luigi and Centaur Pets - Fixed Dr Stacking - Fixed Zirconis Box Open - All Staff can now assist Ironman - Destroy Interface for Ironman and Hardcore Ironman - Add announcements for Trio, and Dark Departure Sponsor Rank Released: - Sponsor Cape (2K stats) - Exclusive Sponsor Boss - Drops Best Ring in Game +15DR +25DDR - Drops Best DR pet in Game +20DR +30DDR - SPONSOR DRBOOST +10DR +10DDR - 3 Vlad Spawns - 3 Dana Spawns - 1 Skotizo Spawn - 3 Dragonix Spawns - Infinte Pray - Tele ::sponzorzone PEST CONTROL POINTS: - Donator: 17 points - Super: 20 points - Extreme: 22 points - Sponsor: 35 points Top Donator Rank Released: - Sponsor Cape Stats + 10 DR and +10 DDR
  10. We've been slaving away, and this is some updates that I think will push so that people can start enjoying them, another legendary release tomorrow, and we've used your money for a custom client, launcher, maps and models. They will be released as they are finished. Game Breaking Bugs: - Monsters Disappearing when Players Tele Away - Pets Disappearing - Ironman Dropping Items - Donation Not appearing or Tripling Quality of Life: - Zirconis Boxes Awards No Longer Announced - Fixed Slayer Helm DR (However this is only when you’re fighting your slayer task monster, so it won’t show) - Fixed AFK Tree 2x with Balmung (I’ve decided to up this slowly so we don’t flood the eco with cash) - A Bunch of Small Stuff - Balance stuff - Nerf stuff - Youtubers can now open Legendary Boxes without ::email - Added Price to Prestige Shop 2k19 Box Staff Updates: - Send to Home ::sendhome - Can trade Ironman - Copy paste for Admins Updates: - Glaive 1-Hit, Customizable - Ice Dragon Halberd - Best Melee Weapon In Game (Limited: Only one in Game) - Low Level AOE weapon, Omni staff is now obtainable in the Semi-AFK Energy Store, same damage as Oblivion Scythe - Boosted Melee Damage in General 33% Done and written by: Harry Media:
  11. 1. Voting rewards have been added 2. Added Range Boxing Gloves 3. Added Berserker Boxing Gloves 4. Added Mage Boxing Gloves Done by: Harry
  12. 1. Fixed attack speed bug from staff to bow 2. Highscore Portal Rankings permanent(you have to be logged in to be entered for the prize) 3. Took out vote scrolls from droptable 4. Make crystal keys 1 vote point 5. Take away vote scrolls from drop table. 6. Fixed drop rates on pet 7. Boss Tiers 8. Took Pernix and Virtus out of announcements 9. Donator Scroll Untradeable 10. Added 6 New Announcements 11. Give notice on pet drops 12. Nerf Caskets drop rate 13. Fixed point zone, prizes yet to be added 14. Fixed drop chance of monsters 15. Make first box level 20 16. Second box level 75 17. Fix icy katana 18. Fix Maul 19. Fix random pouch drop from Zirconis 20. Fixed Oblivion drop table (scythe no longer drops commonly) 21. Nerf Groudon Attack Speed 22. Make healing lady with consumables 23. Nerf alien 24. Fixed portion of announcements 25. Make 2 log ins maximum 26. Fixed Best Gloves Drops trio bros 27. Make Guide for Gloves 28. Fix 2k19 box in donator store 29. Add Asimov to donations store 30. Added Wolf Head to Animal Set 31. Added Dragonrage Armor 32. Added Dragonrage to Dragonix Drop Tab Done by: Harry Media:
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