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  1. Glad to see you still have a sense of humour after that, glad to see you crashed here 😄
  2. It really has hasn't it? It's awesome how quick a server can grow and how many new people you can meet 🙂
  3. Hey @Jladams Welcome!!! That's pretty cool studying medicine and having the time to play a rsps 😄 Look forward to seeing you ingame 🙂
  4. Griffotubes


    @Cooki That's really cool how this server has caught your atttention and kept you in, I hope you enjoy and are here to stay 😄
  5. Heya welcome @alfa2104! Glad to see you really enjoy this server! I'm loving it so far! Mono would love to hear that hehe I'll see you in game 😄
  6. Griffotubes


    @Maggot Welcome to the forums! That's okay you don't have to put it out there if you don't want to 🙂
  7. Griffotubes


    @prada, How are you? 😛 100% Don't RWT 😛 😛
  8. Griffotubes


    Hey Welcome @Charb, the bribery doesn't matter haha At least you actually posted one 😄 Hope you stay active 🙂
  9. Griffotubes


    Hey @lotus Welcome! Glad to see that it caught your attention 😄 😄
  10. Welcome @Nazashi! Hope you stick around, I think it's a great and unique server as well 😄 😄
  11. Griffotubes


    Welcome Nick! Thats good, Hope you enjoy it!
  12. Griffotubes


    WooHoo! Hopefully this one keeps your eye 😉 If you like you can add me ingame @Griffotubes , Always open to questions 🙂
  13. Griffotubes


    Welcome Savage! We love seeing new players!
  14. @solo Thanks Heaps 😄 I would like the reply, but for some reason it won't let me haha
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