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  1. superbeast


    :') :') :') :') :') fuck sake this cracked me up =P
  2. i absolutley love this dude, for real he helps me out so much, absolute 100% deffo deserves his rank, very active, friendly and helpful within the community
  3. very nice to read your introduction, ive spoken to you a few times and seen you in game, very nice and well respectful player, keep up your good work aswell my dude 😃
  4. welcome to bethlehem my dude, please enjoy your stay and i hope to see you around in game 🙂
  5. i, myself do find this guide very useful as i have been trying to learn how the flower poker works =P thanks for the guide 🙂
  6. Well hello guys, i guess its time for my introduction. Name: DALE In-game name: Superbeast Age: 23 Country: ENGLAND Timezone: LONDON-GMT TIME ZONE I stumbled across a couple bethlehem of weeks ago, i joined the discord channel but got banned because of my userame (im sorry) i have played bethlehem for the best part of maybe 6-7 hours so far and im enjoying the server, i aim to help those within our community grow as players as individuals as a whole to make the bethlehem community a better one for all to enjoy just as much as i am enjoying it. i hope that i am able to help out with anything and everything. i recently just got banned from my last server because the dev didnt like me and always tried giving me a hard time, the owner took the side of the dev when i retaliated (verbally) and i was banned which i found was unfair. but here i am and i hope that i will be able to put my good work to good use Abit about me, i love food, i love watching films, i love listening to music, i played rs3 back when it was the only rs. Thanks for reading my introduction i hope to see you all in game. Peace out. Superbeast
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